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Sean Connery sexier than Clooney

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Sean Connery Naked 77 year old film legend Sean Connery, has beaten his younger rivals including George Clooney and Jude Law in a poll to find the best celebrity bodies.

The former James Bond star, was 10th on the list, above Geaorge Clooney, at 14th, and Jude Law at 15th.

Michael Vartan Rogue

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Michael Vartan Naked Michael Vartan is best known for playing the spunky CIA agent Vaughn in TV show Alias, but the Hollywood star has just finished shooting his new film in the Australian Outback.

The actor was the only non-Aussie in the cast of the crocodile horror Rogue. It is the follow-up to director Greg McLean’s 2005 Wolf Creek.

Justin Timberlake Naked

Justin Timberlake Naked Justin Timberlake hit Melbourne this week with his 2 hour long arena show.

Timberlake’s tour is the biggest Melbourne will see this year, arguably the largest stage ever fitted into the venue.