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Hayden Christensen Topless

On agian off again couple Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen arrived in Barbados recently and headed straight to the beach.

Rachel Bilson popped on her bikini while hunky Hayden went shirtless for an afternoon dip.

Chris Hemsworth stacks on muscle for Thor


Oscar winner Natalie Portman remembers the moment well when her tall, powerfully-built Australian co-star Chris Hemsworth first strolled on to the Los Angeles set of their new $US150 million ($A143.13 million) film, Thor, in his superhero costume.

Portman and Hemsworth had worked together for a month prior on the big screen adaptation of the popular Marvel comic, but the scenes did not require the 191cm tall Hemsworth to dress up as the Norse god.

Then came the day Hemsworth squeezed into the Thor costume and Portman and many of the other female Thor cast and crew were left with their mouths open.

For four weeks our characters were in regular, earthling clothes then all of a sudden we started shooting scenes when Chris was in a superhero costume,” Portman, 29, says. “It was a real shock … we were really amazed.”

Another actress on the set, 24-year-old Kat Dennings, admitted to playing it cool when Hemsworth, who added 10kg of muscle to his already solid frame to play Thor, walked on the set in the outfit. “Chris is already a beautiful man, but yeah, he looked really, really good,” Dennings said.

“He looked like a real god … I pretended not to care and was pretty nonchalant, but he was nice to be around because he is so tall and cut up and the costume is so beautiful and impressive.”