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Just not cricket

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Pakistan’s Rawalpindi Express is at it again. This time he has the cricketing world stumped with his controversial claims in his controversial book.

Shoaib Akhtar was one of the fastest bowlers on earth and a rare talent but Pakistan’s Rawalpindi Express often led his mouth race ahead of him, getting him into more trouble than possibly anyone else in the game.

When he finally announced his retirement from cricket last year, after a tempestuous career riddled with scandal and controversy, most of his colleagues, who were often the targets of his acerbic tongue, probably breathed easier. But he is back again, this time spitting venom in “Controversially Yours”, a book that lifts the lid, allegedly, on the goings on in the world of cricket.

If controversy is what sells books, this one is likely to be a winner because of the stink he has raised with his random allegations and ramblings. In India last week to launch his book, Akhtar, who probably knew exactly what the reaction would be if he made insinuations about Sachin Tendulkar, had to face the cancellation of the book launch in Tendulkar’s home city, Mumbai. We would say it was rather cheeky to even try that, after he dismissed all-time greats such as Tendulkar and Rahul Dravid as cricketers who did not have the skill of finishing their game. Tendular, he said, was scared at one point and walked away without addressing a fast bowl from him.

The book did not launch in Mumbai and Akhtar has earned the ire of his colleagues within Pakistan and in other countries, many of who have hinted that he better apologise for his silly comments.

“Shoaib (Akhtar) is a retired player so we have no say on what he does. We have not seen or read the book as yet so we don’t know what the real facts are,” the Pakistan Cricket Board’s chief operating officer Subhan Ahmad said. “But obviously, some of the things he said today are a bit surprising but the fact also is that Shoaib is no longer employed by the board and is free to do whatever he wants. But having played for the country we would expect him to behave rationally.”

Akhtar, incidentally, is not the first to have sought to sell his book by making allegations against unsuspecting colleagues. Last year, Australian cricketer Matthew Hayden sought to sell his autobiography, in which he alleged that former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly and Harbhajan Singh were scared of facing the Australian bowlers. The resultant controversy created enough publicity for the book. Another Australian cricketer, Adam Gilchrist, piggybacked on Tendulkar’s formidable celeb status, by alleging that he was “dishonest”.

It is time someone — the reader, maybe? — saw through this game. The publishers of the book, meanwhile, are probably laughing their way to the bank, now that interest has peaked on their latest launch!

Yan Can Still Cook! Celeb chef Martin Yan creates dishes for the public at city supper

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As part of a continued campaign to help people get the most out of their shopping and kitchen experiences, world renowned chef and star of Yan Can Cook Martin Yan teamed up with c!ty’super’s star executive chef Charmaine Cheung to host a complimentary cooking exhibition, featuring “East meets West” style delicacies with stock from the high-end grocery chain.

According to Yan, the main goal of the demonstration was to show people that food is not just energy to be digested, but a way of life. “Food is a reflection of history and of culture,” explained Yan. Then, animatedly gesturing toward some nearby tanks of gelatinous grouper, he exclaimed, “For the Chinese, fresh fish is a lifestyle!”

The official show kicked off at 6pm with both culinary all-stars in their element, furiously seasoning, tenderizing, and hacking away at whatever gastronomic gem happened to be on the chopping block. Between butterflying bell-peppers and dicing meat with the speed and precision of a wood-chipper, Yan charmed the audience with anecdotes regarding his food-world exploits and his famous sense of humor, displaying the 100-watt personality that earned him a host of television accolades, including a 1994 James Beard Award for Best TV Cooking Show.

Zen Cooking Skills

In the middle of one account, Yan held up a toothpick-sized piece of bell pepper, and joked that if Westerners could divide food into slices that thin, they wouldn’t wonder how China feeds its massive population. Ever the humble character, Yan also stated, “I’m just here to wash the dishes and wipe down the counter. Charmaine is the real star.”

Finally, after everyone was wowed by a blade display enviable of a samurai on meth, it was time to enjoy the ever-so-scrumptious fruits of the Yan-Cheung duo’s labors. Up first were quivering French Gillardeau Oysters with Kaluga Queen Oscietra and a dollop of Black Truffle Foam, or the culinary equivalent of dipping pearls in gold and then encrusting them with diamonds. Hard go wrong there. This was followed by predictably juicy Australian Waygu steak bites, served medium rare with Modena balsamic vinegar aged 15 years and Tartuf White Truffle Oil. Good steak, but hey, it’s to be expected from chefs of this caliber.

Yan Can Cook more than just Chinese!

More surprising were the ruby-red morsels of champagne lobster bathed in roquefort fondue, a dish any East coaster from the United States would be skeptical of (we tend to frown upon the heinous practice of combining seafood and cheese). However, in keeping with the spirit of the showcase, the freshness of the ingredients propelled the dish past your midwestern cheese-crusted fish, and into the realm of delicacy. “It’s all in the quality of the cheese,” observed Yan with a grin.

But the showcase’s crowning achievement was the carved-on-site acorn-fed Iberian ham, a simple but classic dish marbled like pork-belly that had every European in the room struggling to remember when they last had ham that delicious in their motherland. Not bad for a Spanish cured meat in China.

As the evening simmered down and the champagne-saturated guests drifted off the premises, I was fortunate enough get some one-on-one time with Martin Yan. When asked if he felt that China’s dining scene was starting to break tradition and become more innovative and adaptive to foreign concepts, he stated, “The world has become a global village. An event in once place affects another across the globe. Like the 2008 Beijing Olympics slogan says, ‘One World One Dream.'”

Ben O’Shea

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Despite its rather nondescript name, Designer Capsule #3 will be remembered as the most talked about show at this year’s Perth Fashion Festival.

Talked about for the celebrities in attendance, the debut of Lydia Tsvetnenko’s clothing line Zhivago, the spectacle of Zsadar’s show and for me kissing Australian cricket star Mitchell Johnson.

After a delayed start, a PFF prerequisite, the Zsadar showcase began with a fictional label’s first look: a woman in a neo-Gothic gown.

As she walked the runway, the lights were cut and a voice announced there were some technical difficulties – I suspect that only some of the suits from Deloitte (who made up the bulk of the least fashion-forward audience to date) were fooled.

One of Zsadar’s male models ran out and snatched the girl, dragging her kicking and screaming from the catwalk; nothing like a faux kidnapping skit to whet the appetite for some fashion!

The menace was maintained throughout, with models accessorised in executioner hoods, crowns of thorns, horns and temporary tattoos.

However, while this was immensely enjoyable, in a high school drama production kinda way, for the life of me I can’t remember any details about designer Shane Newton’s exquisite garments.

A shame because he is a genuine talent.

One Fell Swoop slowed the pace considerably, with industrial fans placed along the runway to billow the models’ hair and outfits.

I assume the pacing was deliberate and not a consequence of slightly built girls struggling against a headwind. Either way, it worked.

Next up was Ange Lang and her collection of gowns was nothing short of stunning, showcasing her design nous and impressive attention to detail.

Much of the pre-show chatter was about the launch of Zhivago, the clothing line from Perthonality Lydia Tsvetnenko (wife of entrepreneur Zhenya) and her pal Lara Kovacevich, and the organisers cruelly prolonged the anticipation by saving it for last.

When it finally did begin, it was to a remix of Lady Gaga’s Judas – snooze.

After Zsadar sent models down the runway acting like executioners and bag snatchers, the fake edginess of Gaga was, well, fake.

My mum taught me that if you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all; bearing that in mind, the best thing I can say about the Zhivago collection is that I can imagine Lydia wearing every piece.

At any rate, my focus quickly shifted to more important matters: beating my celeb kissing score from last night (20 points, for those who came in late).

And I was off to a flyer, bumping in to cricket star Mitch Johnson and his wife Jessica Bratich (10 points).

The mercurial fast bowler looked at me like he was trying to pick Murali’s doosra when I asked if I could kiss him.

Unfortunately, what should have been a harmless air-kiss on either cheek nearly turned into something more when we both went to the same side and were aiming up lip to lip. Awkward!

Breakfast host on 92.9 Lisa Fernadez (5 points) was next, followed shortly after by 7pm Project correspondent, and friend of Lydia, Em Rusciano (5 points).

The lovely Margaret Buswell (5 points) came in for a kissing, although she blanched at the idea she was a Perthonality, bless her.

But let’s face it, kissing women is hardly a challenge, so I confronted Dockers player Ryan Crowley (5 points) and propositioned him.

To his credit, he agreed and was probably the most enthusiastic air-kissing partner of the night. Fabulous, darling!

Once again, my House of Targét outfit was making waves.

I brought back the boat shoes with a jaunty black ladies knickerbocker, a ladies striped and knotted woven top and a ladies tracksuit hoodie in stonewashed grey.

Total cost less than $120.

One knowledgeable fashionista asked if I was dressed by high-end boutique Dilettante.

While former MasterChef contestant Josh Catalano (you better believe he was kissed – 5 points) suggested I should walk the runway myself.

Both seemed sincere.

Head to to comment on last night’s House of Targét look and cast your vote. The outfit with the most “Likes” by the end of PFF will be deemed champion.

”’Follow live PFF updates from Ben O’Shea on Twitter: @benoshea

Alec Baldwin in Saturday Night Lives Celeb Gay Sex Position Gameshow Whos On Top

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The season premiere of Saturday Night Live was a bit shaky, especially for the usually pressed perfect Alec Baldwin. But “everyone’s favorite game of strategy” in particular stood out.

“The rules are simple. As we all know, when two gay men have sex, one person is the top and one is the bottom. We’ll show you two male celebrities who hypothetically could have sex – and you decide whoooooo’s on top!”

Billy Joel and Bruce Springsteen brought some chuckles, but it was Timon and Pumba that brought down the house.

But why stop here? Usher and Timberlake? Tracy Morgan and Chris Brown? Rick Santorum and Rick Perry? Who’s on top?

Sbu Duma, highest ranking black SA playe

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A slew of national and international celebrities and royals are expected to be in attendance and will spend the afternoon rubbing elbows with royalty and high society.

The multi-million-rand extravaganza is being billed as one of South Africa’s “social events of the decade”.

The event is the answer to the British Queen’s annual Cup Polo event.

Taking place at the Royal Marang Hotel at Phokeng in North West, the event will feature top international, South African and African polo players, going head to head in two matches, in association with Motsweding FM, La Martina and Aveng Grinaker-LTA.

According to the organisers, much like Twenty20 cricket attracted new fans to the game, so has action polo. The game will be played to new, adapted rules, which make the game much faster and more exciting. Matches of three players a side are played on smaller grass fields that are fully boarded all around.

Making up the invitation teams of star-studded polo players are the only semi-professional, and highest ranked black South African polo player, Sbu Duma; the youngest South African international, 15-year-old Dirk van Reenen; plus three highly ranked players from the same family.

The curtain raiser is a three-a-side match featuring two international women who have represented both South Africa and Zimbabwe, playing alongside top male international players, including Kenyan Casamir Gross.

The main game features six highly handicapped young international South African players, most of whom play in England and are not seen locally that often.

Princess Tirelo Molotlegi of the Royal Bafokeng said this was the first time action polo would be played in the North West.

“We are honoured to be hosting this at the Royal Marang Hotel, and privileged that by doing so we will be able to raise funds for much needy charities.”

Proceeds from the cup will go to The Girl Guides Association of SA and Thuto Thebe Educational Fund.

Worst Celebrity Sex Tapes

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When I was compiling this list, I realized that other posts included sex tapes of Paris, Kim Kardashian, and Pam with Tommy Lee, which didn’t really make sense. Sure, do we wish people like Paris and Kim didn’t have sex tapes so they weren’t in our faces for no good reason? Of course. But if I included them in this list, then what would be left for the Best Celebrity Sex Tapes list? Deep down inside, you like it when naked photos and sex tapes are released of the rich and famous (*cough* Scarlett Johansson *cough*), no matter how awful they look or how badly they perform their jobs.

Carrie Prejean According to RadarOnline, the almost Miss America and former Miss California who was swept up in the same-sex vs opposite-sex marriage debate was 30 nude photos and 8 scandalous sex tapes – all of which are solo performances. It’s ironic because she’s so vigilant about her old-fashioned-values.

Danielle Staub This former Real Housewife of New Jersey is so desperate for attention, she welcomes all of it, the love and the hate. And, if you’re familiar with her, you’re like the rest of us who love to hate her. According to TMZ, Hustler magazine is responsible for distributing her video. Yuck.

Leighton Meester (Who?) I don’t watch Gossip Girl, but I guess this chick is on it. TMZ reports that it was a video of her with her then boyfriend but it surfaced and was shopped around to haunt her budding career. I guess the real star of the show was her feet?

Rebecca Gayheart The allure of this sex tape was in 2009 when Gayheart and her hubby, Grey’s Anatomy star Eric Dane, engaged in a threesome with former Miss Teen USA, Kari Ann Peniche. The problem? It was a boring sex tape.

Eve (rapper) This tape was allegedly just of Eve and her boyfriend at the time. Nothing to get excited about.

Jenna Lewis Jenna Lewis is a boring nobody who won a boring game and made a boring wedding sex tape. *Yawn*

Roman Polanski & Sharon Tate Fortunately, this tape is unavailable to the public because it’s part of the Charles Manson murder trial as evidence. It’s fortunate because first of all, it’s child pornography and second of all, it’s old and with Roman Polanski.

Colin Farrell Colin Farrell is a creep. This photo of him is creepy. So, I’m assuming his sex tape with Playmate Nicole Narain is creepy. No one wants to watch a creepy sex tape.

R Kelly Again, child porn is bad. According to, R. Kelly not only married a 15-year-old Aaliyah but also famously took a wiz on a 14-year-old girl in the sex tape scandal that he will forever be ridiculed for. Terrible.

Bam Margera Aside from not being very interested in the male element of most sex tapes, Bam fails for not being a chick. But, I also hadn’t thought of the point that John Cheese of makes, “I’ve seen too many episodes of Jackass and Viva La Bam. All throughout the video, I was expecting one of his friends to burst into the room and waylay him in the balls with a sack full of human feces, and when that didn’t happen, I found myself a little disappointed.” Touche.

Carmen Electra The problem with this tape is that, according to BuzzFeed, it was girl on girl. I sound like a hypocrite because I just said I’m not interested in the male element of most sex tapes, but I still like it to factor in any “sex tape.” Plus, it was a publicity stunt.

Bret Michaels Bret Michaels stars with Pam Anderson. But they’re drunk (or messed up) beyond any hope for a worthwhile show. So, it’s more like sleepy, sloppy nudity than anything rewarding for everyone involved, audience included.

Rob Lowe FOR THE LAST TIME: child pornography is despicable. Granted, this tape was made in 1989, but I’m surprised to learn that according to OK Magazine, Rob Lowe claims in his autobiography that his “sex tape scandal was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.” Say what?

Gene Simmons The ego on this guy. Allegedly Gene denies that it’s him in the video. And the chick he’s with refuses to kiss him, which is entertaining, but rude. That’s GENE SIMMONS, lady. Come on.

Tonya Harding I don’t think anyone really wanted to see her in an ice skating leotard, let alone in the buff. Doing sex stuff.

Dustin Diamond And you thought he was annoying as Screech on Saved By The Bell. He’s even annoying in his sex tape – they guy won’t stop talking and cracking jokes. This is a sex tape, not a joke. You’ve RUINED EVERYTHING!!

Kid Rock / Scott Stapp First of all, gross. Second of all, who the heck is Scott Stapp? Oh, from Creed. Yup. This tape is of Kid Rock and Scott Stapp being serviced by groupies at the same time. Sort of a douchebag-meets-creeper idea, if you ask me.

Fred Durst On the one hand, the video’s only 3 minutes long. On the other, it’s Fred Durst.

Verne Troyer (mini me) I’m a short person, so this isn’t meant to be a slam on little people. I LOVE little people. I just, don’t… want to see them making babies? And with a normal height woman it looks like a challenge. Making a good sex tape is enough of a challenge between two equally tall people. So, just stop.

Chyna She’s nice and I kinda feel bad for her life struggles. But, a sex tape for publicity just should have never been on the table. Maybe a misdemeanor or attempt to run for political office. But, not sex for others to see.

The Verdict Sex tapes are a way to create a publicity scandal. But, if you want to make a “good” sex tape, you’re gonna have to graduate from the School of Adult Entertainment first. And then, you’re just a porn star. Leave tapes sex to the professionals and get a little creative if you plan on revamping your celebrity career.

Teammates want Lui out the door

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Wests Tigers players are fed up with Robert Lui’s ongoing off-field issues and want him removed from the club.

Players have spoken to me privately and find it impossible to justify or tolerate Lui’s arrest following last week’s Mad Monday festivities – in relation to a second alleged domestic incident with his partner Taleah Backo within the space of 12 months.

No matter how good a player the halfback is, his Tigers teammates believe there can be no excuse for hitting a woman. There has also been talk that Lui was at the centre of another Mad Monday incident. Lui was said to be upset with comments Tigers winger Beau Ryan made on stage during a comedy routine in their gathering at Leichhardt Oval.

This has been investigated by Tigers chief executive Stephen Humphreys, who says a karaoke machine was damaged but there was no specific information that Lui caused the damage.

There is no sadder or more disturbing situation in the NRL than the one facing Lui. He has the potential to be a great player – but he should never get the chance to reach his potential if found guilty of assaulting his partner.

There are some very serious issues in this relationship that I won’t go into – suffice to say it appears this situation has the potential to repeat itself time and again. Whatever frustration or anger Lui may have towards Backo could never justify his alleged actions. Last time she didn’t co-operate with police and you can bet the couple is already trying to get back together.

No matter what happens in this instance – the NRL will need to step in and boot Lui out of the game if he is found guilty. I had a long chat to Lui about his previous situation about two weeks ago. Here’s some of what he said: ”It was a hard time. I wanted to go back home [to Queensland], but the boys were there for me, especially Robbie Farah and the coach [Tim Sheens]. They were looking out for me. I wanted to go home. But my family is here and my little boy. I’ve left those hard times behind me. Now I need to repay the boys and the club for supporting me in that time.” While Lui is entitled to the presumption of innocence, his arrest is a terrible look for the game and unfortunately for Lui and the Tigers, it’s time for him to go home, forget footy and focus on being a decent man. Nielsen lost support of the dressing-room

AEBN Visits San Francisco for Folsom Street Fair

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AEBN will be on hand at San Francisco’s 2011 Folsom Street Fair on Sept. 25.

Along with supporting its gay brands like NakedSword, Raging Stallion Studios and Falcon Studios, AEBN will be introducing attendees to its new BluRay BD-Live VOD product by handing out free discs during the one-day event.

Launched this summer, AEBN’s BD-VOD product allow users to watch high-quality adult videos streamed to their televisions via an internet-connected PlayStation 3 or BD-Live enabled Blu-ray player.

“This is one of the biggest gay events of the year, and we’ve always had a great experience when we’ve attended in the past,” AEBN’s Jerry Anders said. “Folsom is the perfect venue to reach out to our gay customers and we’re bringing out some of the biggest stars in the business to help us.”

In support of its brands, the AEBN Folsom booth will have more than twenty stars signing autographs and meeting fans over the course of the day, including Erik Rhodes, Roman Heart, Sage Daniels and Donny Wright.

The full roster includes studio exclusives Andrew Jakk, Angelo Marcon, Cameron Foster, Donny Wright, Heath Jordan, Jesse Santana, Landon Conrad, Tom Wolfe, Tony Buff, and Trent Locke.

Other performers who will make an appearance for AEBN are Alessio Romero, Blake Daniels, Damien Stone, Dominic Sol, Felix Barca, Leo Forte, Morgan Black, Race Cooper, Shay Michaels, and JR Matthews.

“Our booth — filled with the hottest stars in the gay porn — is always one of the most popular at Folsom Street Fair,” said Chris Ward, Falcon and Raging Stallion president.

“Our models are looking forward to meeting the fans and giving them goodies during the day.”

AEBN’s Blu-ray VOD (BD-VOD) product offers hundreds of adult movies and are available in both standard and high definition.

Berlusconi ‘sex stories’ caught on tape

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Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi allegedly used state aircraft to fly in escort girls to his private parties. That’s according to transcripts of wiretaps published by Italian media over the weekend.

In one call, Berlusconi is said to have bragged to businessman friend Gianpaolo Tarantini that 11 girls waited for sex outside his bedroom. But the premier lamented that he could only sleep with eight because “you can’t do them all”. He also discussed using government planes to fly the women in for his gatherings.

Tarantini is in custody in Naples, accused of supplying call girls to Berlusconi and trying to extort money from the premier in exchange for his silence.

Prostitution is not a crime in Italy but exploiting prostitutes is.

Milan daily Corriere della Sera quoted the Italian prime minister as telling Tarantini that he had to go to Milan that evening because the plane was only available at that time. He then purportedly agreed to the entrepreneur and some of the escorts joining him on that flight from Rome to Milan.

Responding to the latest scandal, Pierferdinando Casini of the centrist UDC party said Berlusconi should resign.

“He should let Italy be ruled by someone who believes in her,” Casini said.

Even long-time Berlusconi ally, Northern League leader Umberto Bossi, says it is unlikely that the prime minister will see out his full term until 2013.

Prosecutors in Naples have given Berlusconi until tonight to give a statement as an alleged victim of Tarantini’s blackmail.

The billionaire tycoon has always denied paying for sex.

New clip shows ‘Anwar’ before alleged sex act

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CCTV footage purportedly linking Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim to the controversial sex tape is being circulated in cyberspace.

The footage, supposedly downloaded from a security camera in a lift lobby, shows ‘Anwar’ entering an elevator with Datuk Shazryl Eskay Abdullah, the man implicated in the screening of a video purportedly showing Anwar having sex with a woman with Oriental features.

Uploaded on Friday by Papa Gomo, the latest video is featured on his blog as well as on Gerakan Timur and Dr MiM. As at 7pm on Saturday, it had garnered over 2,000 hits .

The video, recorded in colour, shows two clips of ‘Anwar’ and Eskay entering and exiting the lift. Eskay is in a dark blue polo shirt and dark blue pants while the other man, supposedly Anwar, is in a short-sleeved shirt, pants and sandals.